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Bio Fungicide
Free from harmful chemicals, this range of Bio Fungicides is effective in controlling plant diseases. These substances prove to be fruitful for controlling fungi that are damaging for plants. Content of these products is environment friendly.
Plant Growth Promoter
This range of Plant Growth Promoters is popular among farmers for its non toxic content, harsh chemical free composition and high effectiveness. Easy to apply, these are suitable for different plants for better yielding of crops.
Animal Repellent
Offered in different formulations, offered Animal Repellents have been prepared from various plant extracts with distinctive odor. These are effective in protecting crops and plants against wild pigs, blue bull etc.
Organic Fertilizers
This array of Organic Fertilizers is effective in stimulating growth and in promoting flowering of plants. Offered fertilizers can maintain moisture level of soil to enhance its fertility. These have been formulated from humic acid and sea weed extracts.
NPK Fertilizers
This array of NPK Fertilizers is effective in promoting fast growth of plants and better production of crops. Offered in granular form, these fertilizers improve nutrients absorption capacity of plants.
Micro Nutrient
Free from toxic content, Micro Nutrients are effective in improving fertility level of soil. Free from chemicals, these substances are environment friendly and biodegradable. Standard storage life and high effectiveness are their key features.
Water Soluble NPK Fertilizer
This range of Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers can be availed in different formulations. Suitable for foliage based application purpose, these fertilizers are effective in boosting growth of plants. We offer these products in different packaging choices.
This range of Pesticides is effective in safeguarding plants and crops against insects and weeds. Free from harmful chemicals, these substances have chloride channel activation attributes. We offer these items at reasonable price.
Weedicide & Herbicide
Weedicide-Herbicides are effective in improving production capacity of plants. These are highly soluble in water and are safe to handle. Offered products are effective in keeping insects and weeds at bay for proper growth of plants.
Agricultural Sprayer
Agriculture sprayers are chemical sprays that are widely used to deliver water or chemical solutions to crops for crop performance or insect control, such as fertilisers and insecticides.
Food demand is increasing as the world population grows. Fertilisers play an important function in improving crop production and yield by giving vital nutrients to the soil.
Organic Agro Chemical
The usage of Organic Agro Chemicals in agriculture helps to boost crop yields in order to fulfil the expanding human population's demands. They have a long shelf life and a high nutritional value.
Plant Growth  Regulator
Plant growth regulators are chemicals that control plant growth and development. Their application aids in enhancing branching, reducing shoot development, boosting return bloom, eliminating surplus fruit, and modifying fruit maturity.

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