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Organic Bio Fungicide

Organic Bio Fungicide is processed for providing protection against leaf spot, mildew, and early, late, & fire blight conditions. It is said to have excellent effectiveness with long term results and no harmful residue. This fungicide is completely suitable to be used for organic farming practices as it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can affect environment or soil quality. It is also appreciated for having ability to stimulate hormone production required for root & stem growth. Organic Bio Fungicide also induces activation of protease inhibitor producing genes that provide protection against fungal attack.

2 in 1 Sprayers

 Battery Sprayers

  • Product Name: Battery Cum Manual Sprayer Agricultural knapsack sprayers
  • Capacity: 16 Lt water
  • Tank Material : 100% Virgin HDPE materials
  • Dark Blue with Shinning
  • Mark on Tank: Sikko Brand Sprayer
  • Storage Battery: 12V, 12AH With speed control switch
  • Packing: 1 PCS/ 4 COLOUR CARTON (5 ply heavy box)as under
  • Working Pressure: 0.2-0.40MPA
  • User Manual (How to use) : with every pcs in English language
  • Spray Lance: stainless steel adjustable lance
  • Spare parts: Three plastic nozzles with mask and measure cup and charger
  • N.W/G.W(kg): 6KGS/6.5KGS
  • Battery Indicator:On front side of Tank
  • Back Guard: Blue color OR Black color
  • Brass trigger with cock


SIKKO 19-19-19

SIKKO 13-00-45

Battery Pump

We have carved a reputed niche in the industry for manufacturing and supplying Battery Pump. It is comprised of a dual fan nozzle, liquid filling container, tank drain, long steel made sprayer attached to PVC pipe, and battery indicator. This pump is utilized for spraying fertilizers, growth regulators, pesticides, & insecticides on the agricultural field. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can easily be charged. Offered Battery Pump is highly appreciated for having long lasting life and user friendly nature.


  • Equipped with padded back for extra comfort
  • Good continuous spray time and low recharging time
  • Provided with adjustable pressure knob

SIKKO 12-61-00

Granular Organic Fertilizers

Granular Organic Fertilizers are completely suitable to be used either directly on soil or as foliar spray by dissolving them in water. They are required for better productivity and crop quality with ability to provide resistance against wide range of pathogens. These fertilizers boost plant immunity and help in growth of stronger roots & shoots. They also promote growth of beneficial microorganisms that convert complex substances into simpler compounds for easy & efficient uptake by plants. Granular Organic Fertilizers are biodegradable & cost effective in nature and leaves no harmful residue. They also have ability to improve soil�s structure and its water retention ability.


With a vision to be a pioneer in our domain, we are growing as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Battery Sprayer Box. It is required to apply liquid herbicides, growth promoters, and fungicides to the crops. This box is used by hanging it to the back with the help of provided padded straps and spraying chemical using a long pipe. Offered Battery Sprayer Box is equipped with a pressure adjusting nozzle to give flexibility while spraying.


  • Consist of battery indicator to easily monitor the drain level
  • Compact size with light in weight
  • Sprays only on the selected area with the help of dual fan nozzle


SIKKO 00-52-34

SIKKO 00-00-50

Bio Organic Compound Fertilizer

Bio Organic Compound Fertilizer formulated by us is a good source of NPK minerals that are very essential for improved yield and crop quality. It is completely water soluble in nature and assures slow release of nutrients in efficient manner. This fertilizer is known to contain important trace elements & vitamins that enhance resistance of plants against adverse environmental conditions and abiotic stress. It is highly appreciated for having ability to maintain natural nutrient cycle of soil with improved texture. Bio Organic Compound Fertilizer is also important in respect to environment as it is eco friendly & non-toxic in nature.

Organic Compost Fertilizers

Organic Compost Fertilizers have been processed using natural ingredients with help of bacterial decomposition. They are prepared by food leftover, cow dung, dried leaves, and green waste under controlled conditions. These fertilizers also serve as soil conditioners and enhance its fertility. They can be used effectively on all types of crops without any environmental concerns. These compost fertilizers are good source of nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium with some trace elements that play an essential role in healthy plant growth. Organic Compost Fertilizers are also known to have ability to stimulate synthesis of plant growth hormones and growth of beneficial bacteria that convert complex compounds into simpler forms for better absorption.

Bio Organic Granules

Bio Organic Granules are type of natural fertilizers that show compatibility for all types of fields and crops. They are said to be water soluble in nature and assures easy application. These granules assist in increasing & improving crop yield and delivering highly nutritious fruits. They enhance growth of beneficial bacteria that convert complex organic substances into simpler forms. These granules are completely suitable to be used during organic farming practices and play an essential role in increasing fruit size. Bio Organic Granules offered by us are free from any harmful compounds, making them completely environment friendly in nature. 


Liquid Plant Growth Promoter

Established in the year 1997, we are emerging as one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of DA-6 Liquid Plant Growth Promoter. It is required to ensure strength, nutrition, and proper growth of roots, flowers, & fruits of a plant. Offered growth promoters include gibberellins, auxins, & cytokinins. It is known to accelerate the maturation and rate of growth of crops by keeping their natural physiological properties intact. Liquid Plant Growth Promoter is required in minimal amounts and is known to be highly effective for both vegetable and fruits bearing plants.


  • Can be applied as a spray
  • Regulates metabolic activities from roots to leaves
  • Water soluble nature

Fipronil 80% WG new bottle

Drip Master

Metribuzin final



Sea Weed Powder

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we are becoming as one of the eminent companies engaged in providing Seaweed Powder. It is derived from Ascophyllum nodosum and is commonly utilized as a fertilizer to enhance properties of soil. This powder appears as brown to black in color with water soluble nature. Seaweed Powder is added to the soil to improve nutrient absorption ability, resulting in production of healthy disease free crops. It also stimulates the respiration rate and increases metabolic activity of microorganisms present in the soil.


  • Environment friendly in nature
  • Increases humus content
  • Enhances phosphate availability

Sikzym Plus


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